How well have you assessed your vendors?

There are many potential lessons and reminders embedded in Verizon’s most recent data breach. This breach, exposing data of over 14 million Verizon customers due to a mistake made by one of their vendors, reminded me of a conversation I had with a fellow IT leader a few years back about the challenges of making sure all their vendors met their stringent security standards.

That’s the challenge for small, medium, and even some larger organizations, isn’t it?

Finding the time and resources to make sure your vendors not only have the right technology to secure your information, they must also have the right controls in place to ensure their people are aware of security risks and follow proper procedure to protect your data.

Everyone makes mistakes, even companies with great controls in place. However, the likelihood of mistakes leading to a data breach at a company with great controls is greatly reduced, reducing your risk.

What risk do your vendors pose to your organization?

If you need assistance with third-party vendor assessments we can help. Visit for more information.

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